Projects are ongoing initiatives of your organization and are designed to be the go-to resource for your supporters who have supported any aspect of your Project. Organizations can set up a Project for an orphanage they run, a community center they operate, a post program support program they staff, a college scholarship program they fund or any other initiative. Projects can include a Goal Amount, have Sub-Projects and be associated to a Place (location), a Campaign and to Sponsorships.

College Scholarship Fund

Our College Scholarship Fund is a competitive program, in which students are asked to prepare and submit a College Scholar...

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Projects are ongoing initiatives of your organization. Some examples of projects are community development activities, an ...

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Post Program Support

Our Post Program Support project is designed to help continue providing for those with serve even after they have graduate...

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Reunification Care & Support

This program is for children who have been placed back into their home of origin, because the initial reason for abandonme...

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